Backup Hard Drives - Why Its So Important To Automate Backups

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When it comes to backing up our data at work or at home then many of us can be incredibly lax about it, indeed when it comes to backing up data at work then most of probably assume that it is done every night automatically. And for a lot of larger businesses then this may well be true, but for many small businesses then it may well not be the case.
Yet failure to implement a backup system at home or work and it could cost you dearly.

At home as an example if you store a lot of photos, if your hard drive fails then you could lost all of the photos of your children, in many cases this could well result in the irretrievable loss of a lifetimes photos. Or you may run a home based business and a hard drive failure could mean the loss of all of your accounts, or even worse the loss of your customer database.

Many small businesses that have ten or less computers running often operate an ad hoc backup system at best. Yet the loss of the data in the event of a computer hard drive failure could put you out of business overnight.

Nowadays you really need to have an automated backup drive running every night, and ideally store it separately from your main hardware system. The reasons for this are numerous. Firstly it need not be your hard drive that fails, a fire at your business could mean that not only your main backup drive gets destroyed but also your backup hard drive or your stored backup data tapes as well.

Another area problem area at home or work is the issue of theft, which can be equally devastating in either case.

These days you can buy wireless backup devices that can be stored and run automatically from another room in your house or workplace. Often even a very large backup drive can cost just a few hundred pounds to buy and install. Additionally you can now buy a portable backup drive that is small enough to fit into your pocket, yet can still store around 500gb of data, easily enough to back your accounts, customer database or your photos at home.

You may think that it is not worth investing in a backup hard drive, yet the cost of not getting one could change your life, and for a business not having one could quite literally put you out of business.
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