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A lot of online marketers have learned to make extra money online for quite some time now by allowing Google's AdSense Program to show targeted advertisements on their websites, promoting various products for their advertisers. What this has done is to create an income stream that has added greatly to the advertiser's marketing strategies while at the same time benefiting the webmaster who hosts these advertisements as they earn a percentage share of the revenue any time a visitor to the website clicks on the ads.

This is a win-win situation all round as the advertiser gets a possible sale, Google get cash for it and the website that shows the advertisement earns some online income for its owner.

Adsense is a program from Google that is free, and you are allowed to register an account and display relevant ads on your blog, website or on free article directories. The ads that are displayed are targeted, which means that the information in the Google box all pertains to the products that you are promoting on your website or to the information that you are sharing.

This has also extended to displaying mobile and video ads, for example a website that is designed to sell golfing products will display AdSense information ads on golf techniques or other information connected to golf. The ads being shown are paid for by the publisher to Google and they are specifically aimed at their niche market. The income you earn as part of the AdSense program is a way of saying thank you from the publisher for allowing their ad to be displayed and for providing the traffic to that ad. Google is aware that generally people are attracted to quality content rather than to a search listing, and notices how descriptive the sales copy is for the ads on the various AdSense enabled web or blog page, for example:

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Take note of how it uses content to sell the idea of the website benefits. This is a form of sales copy where copywriters and publishers using the AdSense program make income online by being aware of their markets and using ads like this for great results.

If your website generates a large volume of targeted traffic that converts well, then AdSense may be a good idea and a great extra stream on income, but in cases where the website is struggling to get traffic then it is unlikely that AdSense will improve the situation in any way. Acquiring some search engine optimization help and choosing the best keyword for your website content will make the task simpler for Google and the other search engines to find you, which in turn will help to generate more targeted traffic to your site.

Remember that there is a difference between AdSense and AdWords. The beauty of AdWords is that people can purchase directly from the publisher just by using the targeted keyword and baiting sales copy. On the other hand, AdSense using baited sales copy allows you to make income online from people clicking on the adverts. The benefits of this are great because AdSense connects you with people who are looking for information. Not only will AdSense information ads provide you with extra money, but it will also give your website more exposure and increase your search engine rankings.

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