Mobile App Vs Mobile Website - Which Is Better for Restaurants?

All businesses are in the business of making money. So continually competing to keep up with the latest market industry trends can be a time-consuming nightmare for any business owner. Providing accessible tools to your restaurant for customers may influence the number of customers bringing you business. Whether your restaurant is considering a mobile app or a mobile website, it is vital to stay informed on the most cost-effective marketing strategies so you know where to dedicate most of your energy.

When it comes to marketing your restaurant, keep the following in mind:
· Convenience is key - Business owners are busy people and don't have all the time in the world to manage their company's marketing efforts. The same holds true for someone looking for a place to wine and dine. Most people do not have the time to browse the web's infinite collection of possibilities. Most people have a handful of their favorite restaurants already in mind before deciding on where to eat. A well-designed mobile app fosters a unique position in your customers' Smartphones. Making your restaurant available as a mobile app provides convenience and efficiency for users, as well as company employees. Mobile apps deliver instant gratification to both the business owner and the customer. And the more gratification the customer receives in accessing your business details, the better the overall customer-service, which translates into higher sales.
· Keep Updated Content - Content about your business should be updated on a regular basis to keep customers coming back. A successful app developer will provide the restaurateur with an easy-to-use, complete set of features to showcase the restaurant's menu and facilities, including exclusive web-based access to a back-end interface. Unlike a mobile website that makes it difficult to edit and change content, a mobile app provides the business owner with a web application where they can easily update content with little effort.
· Grow Loyalty - It's all about the customers, and generating customer loyalty is a process that may take time to create. Keeping customers informed, providing value and good user experiences are some of the best techniques to keep them coming back for more. This practice is a lot less successful with mobile websites due to technological constraints. However, with a profitable mobile app, your restaurant can send automated notifications to customers prompting them with point achievement. Example; "Thank you for visiting us, you have earned a free appetizer on your next visit, come in by next week and we will include a free glass of house wine." Entice.
· Attract More and More Customers to Your Business - Every business wants their customers to return for more visits. Many mobile websites do not have the necessary tools to reach customers and inform them on special offers, coupons and upcoming events. With a mobile app, customers can be reached anytime, anywhere. Text notifications can be sent to inform guests about anything from specials and events to general information (such as business hours during a winter storm, or holiday hours).
· Spend Wisely - Many restaurants ideally would like to research and discover the most cost-effective method of communicating to their customers. Unfortunately, most restaurant owners have their hands tied where wasted time literally translates to wasted money. With this in mind, it is vitally important to know the difference between investing in a mobile website or a mobile app. Typically a mobile website will cost a restaurant owner anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 on top of the regular $500 to $1250 a year for web sire maintenance (depending on how many updates are required). A successful mobile app developer will typically cost anywhere from $250 to $2500 a year. Don't let the lost cost fool you, though. A little goes a long way in this case.
One of the main reasons that restaurant owners don't have mobile app is because their overwhelmed at how complicated the process can be. Mobile app developers have discovered a way to take away the stress of maintaining a website. AppSuite's mobile apps for restaurants keeps it simple and guides restaurant owner step-by-step through our process.
AppSuite is a leading provider of iPhone and Android application development for the Food and Beverage industry. AppSuite develops low-cost restaurant apps for fine dining restaurants, casual restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs. AppSuite's restaurant app and content management system (CMS) allows restaurateurs to rapidly deploy an iPhone or an Android App without the high cost of developing their own app. It requires no special skills or software. AppSuite's CMS platform allows the restaurateur to conveniently build, brand and expand their business to the growing population of mobile users.
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