How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

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Compelling blog posts will keep readers coming back to your site for more. Two factors are key to writing successful posts:
  1. Well written content
  2. An easy to read format
First and foremost, a good blog post has to be interesting and contain helpful information to attract visitors. Readers want to be entertained, or enlightened, and preferably both. Blogs that give readers lots of free advice are amongst the most popular.
Make sure your blog has a clear identity. It's important to stick to one primary idea and not go off on a tangent. By all means, develop a theme and show readers how an initial idea can develop, but don't go too far off track. Readers want to know what to expect from a blog. Try any of the following approaches to kick-start your blog:
  • Offer helpful advice on a particular subject
  • Share insights into your life or your profession
  • Give your opinions and refer to your experiences
Although a subject may already have been written about extensively, your viewpoint of it makes your blog unique. Blogging is an informal medium of communication which allows you to speak to your readers in a personal way. Sharing your views, or revealing details of your life, creates a direct link between you and your reader.
The presentation and format of a blog post is as important as the content. No one wants to wade through a long stream of uninterrupted text. Make things visually easier for your reader by breaking up text and including bolded sub-headlines. Keep paragraphs short and use bullet points to highlight key statements.
Separate paragraphs should be used to divide up your subject points. Try and create an individual theme to each paragraph which neatly leads into the next. Your headline and sub-heads should act as signposts, guiding your reader through the post and letting them know where they are and what is coming next.
Titles and headlines should be lively enough to hook the reader, but they should also be an accurate representation of what is to follow. You want your site to be found by anyone browsing the web for articles on that subject. It's important to include lots of keywords in your titles and sub-headings. Search engines pick up on these words and they increase your chances of being listed high up in the search rankings.
Above all, blogging should be fun and friendly. Blogs allow a person to share their passions and interests. They are also great for giving businesses a chance to display a human side. Even big corporations can show they have a personality via their blog posts.
Michelle Salter - Freelance Writer and Copywriter.
Michelle Salter is an accomplished freelance writer, with numerous articles published in national magazines. As a regular contributor to My Weekly magazine, she has written extensively on the subject of gardening, nature and wildlife.
She is also an experienced copywriter, producing copy that connects clients to their customers.
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