How To Speed Up Your Computer Quickly And Easily - No Additional Software Required

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You often restart it just to find out that your work is lost. If you want to avoid wasting your time and effort just because of a slow-running system here are some simple and yet very effective ways to speed up your computer.

First of all, you should try increasing the virtual memory space on your PC. In many cases the issue is related to lack of Random Access Memory, or Ram. You can reset it by clicking on your start menu, then on 'My Computer', where you should an option called 'system information' or 'system performances'. Under performance you should click the 'settings' link, then the 'advanced' option. Lastly, click 'change' from the virtual memory option. There you will be able to change the virtual memory settings for your system and if needed, free up some space.

Another thing that might help is to store less files within your C drive. The C drive is usually the main drive that contains all the files required by the operating system. If you have too many games, applications or other files there that you can do without, do not forget to delete them. Resetting your start=up menu can also do wonders when trying to speed up your computer. And the good news is that it is actually a fairly easy process. All you have to do is to delete the programs that you do not need to execute whenever the system starts up.

While some people can settle for rebooting their PCs every time they run so slow that they are unusable, or already frozen, you should have higher standards. There is no point in getting frustrated due to data loss. A slow system means low work efficiency, a lot of time wasted and nervous break downs. Why would someone have to handle all of these when the solutions are so simple that everyone can apply them? You do not have to be a computer geek to check the amount of free virtual memory or to delete the applications that are wasting your computer's resources and your time.

Nevertheless, if you feel that you need additional help, remember that there are a lot of reliable applications out there that are specially designed to speed up your computer. Just make sure you do not pay for anything before you read some reviews and ensure you are buying software from a reputable company.

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