The Magic of the Mind

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Ever have a rough day, stop and take a deep breath and all of a sudden whatever issues that are causing the stress don't seem so bad. Nothing about that moment changed, all the stresses didn't magically disappear. The only thing that changed, in that one breath, was a perspective. The way the person saw the situation and came to terms with the fact that they can only control so much.
It was their choice, their decision to be calmer, and by making that decision they changed not only their mind but also their breathing, heart rate, and in turn helped lower their stress levels. However, sometimes it isn't that easy. Sometimes the conscious and sub-conscious mind don't want to work together causing issues to get out of control.
Have you ever wondered why some people are so scared of spider, snakes, mice, dogs, heights, or whatever else people are scared of to the point that it almost sends them into a panic attack. The answer is imprints. An imprint is something that leaves a mark on the subconscious mind. This normally happens during a high emotional time in a person's life. So a small child being abandoned by a parent while they are young will always have abandonment issues. Another example would be someone who never had issues with blood after an injury during a high emotional time could no longer be able to deal with blood without getting sick or faint.
Even if the person doesn't consciously know what caused the fear, bad habit, weight issues, sadness, etc. doesn't mean the subconscious doesn't know. Learning what the cause is can help the person overcome what they are dealing with and gain more control over their life. This can be done by going to conventional talk therapy, that can take years and thousands of dollars, or it can be done through the use of hypnosis, that can take 1 to 4 hours and save hundreds of dollars.
If it's so much faster and so much cheaper why don't more people use hypnosis? The answer is usually a lack of knowledge. Weather they don't know what hypnosis can do or if they believe the horror movies that depict people losing their morals and self-control. That is not what therapeutic hypnosis does at all, it actually does the exact opposite giving the person more control over the minds. Many fears about hypnosis include the lack of control, having no option but to tell the truth, and getting stuck in a trance. The truth is that it is easier to lie and the person in trance has the option to pull themselves out of it anytime they want.
According to the "Harvard Mental Health Letter" volume 26 issues 11 on May 1, 2010 in a study over the course of 6 years with 204 participants with irritable bowel syndrome they found that the irritable bowel symptoms, depression, and anxiety all improved after the use of hypnosis. It has been used in western medicine for over 150 years to help with everything from phobias, panic, self-esteem, trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunctions, stress, smoking, warts, headaches, blood pressure, healing, and more. All hypnosis uses the power of the mind to help fix issues in not only the mind but the body as well.
With the growing knowledge base in the United States one can hope that the use of drugs that have side effects such as depression, suicidal tendencies, increased risk of heart attach, increased risk of stroke, or death will decrease. Why not try something that has no side effects and that the worse that happens is the person loses a little money, not their sanity or safety.
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